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January is the Healthiest Month

January 9th,2017

Jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions with a bang! A perfect Miami day starts with a green juice from Jugofresh in Sunset Harbor. Pick from an variety of cleverly named cold pressed juices like Himalayan Monk, El Green-Go or Alkaline Gangster. Next, take a short stroll towards the marina and rent a paddle board or kayak from either Miami Beach Paddleboard or TKS Miami Sunset Harbor. Enjoy sightseeing while getting a good workout as you navigate the narrow canals around the Sunset Islands. Soak in the stunning views while basking in the bright winter sun. The rest of the country is freezing and you are doing water sports. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Dirt, a farm-to-counter and wellness bar. Enjoy this concept restaurant that provides delicious healthy meals at inexpensive prices. Start the year off feeling full of energy and in good health!


Jugofresh | 1935 West Ave #102 | (786) 472-2552

Miami Beach Paddleboard | 1416 18th St | (786) 428-4402

TKS Miami Sunset Harbor | 1784 West Ave #6 | (305) 397-8280

Dirt | 232 5th St | (305) 763-8548